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Chemical V: Part I - The Beginning of an Era

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Chapter 1
September 11, 1997
Football game between Roxborough high and Roman Catholic.

"Stacy," Saxon began, getting the attention of his best friend. "Who's that kid down there?"

Stacy turned around, sipping her soda. "Who?" she asked.

Stacy knew every High school junior in the city. Whether they went to German town or Frankfort.

Saxon pointed to the brown haired boy wearing a Roman Catholic hoodie, by the concession stand.

Stacy smirked, "That's Casriel Port. His parents are real church freaks."

Saxon nodded, "He's gorgeous."

Stacy let out a loud laugh that caught the attention of others around them.

"I knew it," she said, after she calmed down.

"Can you blame me?" Saxon asked.

"No. No I can't," she sighed.

"What are my chances?" Saxon asked.

"Well," Stacy began. "I've never seen him with anyone, of any gender. He may be unlike his parents and loath the catholic religion, or he may be another mindless wanderer."

Saxon thought for a while, sipping his water. He tapped the nearly empty bottle against his chin, and watched as Casriel joined a group of boys from Roman.

Stacy elbowed him, "Go talk to him."

Saxon slowly shook his head. "Those guys are jerks to people like me."

"I'll go with you," she said, smiling.

"You just want to talk to John," Saxon said with a smirk.

"Maybe. Maybe not!" she flushed red.

Saxon thought for a beat again, and sighed nervously. "Alright."

"Yay!" Stacy said, standing up.

The pair made their way over to where the group of boys was. Stacy tapped John on the shoulder. He turned around and grinned, ear to ear.

"Well! If it isn't Stacy McCourt!" John exclaimed.

Stacy smiled, and turned to Saxon. "This is my friend, Saxon Alexander."

Saxon smiled shyly, and waved. "Hello."

"Dude, you have wicked eyes!" John said, noticing the bright silver color of Saxon's eyes. "Guys look!"

Saxon smiled. He was used to getting attention for his eyes. it made him unique.

When Casriel stepped out from the back of the pack to look, Saxon noticed his eyes.

"What about your friend's eyes?" Saxon asked, trying not to sound overly obvious.

They all turned to Casriel, and his golden eyes.

"You know, I've known Cas forever, and I've never really noticed that," John confessed.

"Probably because you see me all the time," Casriel spoke up. "Nice eyes, by the way."

Saxon smiled brightly. "Thanks!"

Stacy nudged him with her elbow, and he shoved her back.

"You guys want an ice cream? On us?" Stacy asked, looking at Saxon for approval. Saxon nodded, and the group of 5 boys followed the pair.

Once everyone had their ice cream, they all sat in the bleachers. John's three closest friends, Stacy, Saxon, and then Cas.

"So, were you born with them, or was it maybelline?" Saxon asked, once again referring to Cas's eyes.

Cas laughed. "I was born with them. You?"

"Born. My mom tells me I scared the doctor, because they thought I was blind. They realized I wasn't, though." Saxon explained, watching Cas eat his ice cream.

"Yeah. My mom says she had me baptized on the spot in case it was the work of 'Satan'." the mocking tone in his voice gave away exactly how he felt about Catholicism.

"Not a fan of your school?" Saxon asked.

"God, no," Cas began. He looked around Stacy to see if John was listening. "Don't tell them, but I hate it, and I hate them."

Saxon was surprised. "Why?"

Cas let a out a deep sigh. "Please don't say anything, ok?"

Saxon nodded. "I have no right to judge anyone or tell anyone something that shouldn't be told."

Cas smiled, happy that he'd found trust in Saxon.

"I, uh, I think I might not run the same way they do..." he trailed off at the end, silently praying that Saxon understood.

Saxon looked over at John and the other three. "Which way is that? The bathroom with a playboy?" he asked.

Casriel started to laugh so hard that he dropped the remainder of his ice cream cone. Saxon joined in, unable to hold it back. Stacy and John looked over, concerned.

"You ok?" she asked.

Saxon took a deep breath and tried not to laugh. "Yeah, we're good."

Stacy turned back to her conversation with John.

"I'm sorry," Cas began, getting his laughter under control. "That was just really funny."

Saxon smiled. "It's ok. I aim to please."

"So you understand what I mean then?" Cas asked, getting serious again.

"Honey, I've understood since freshmen year when I went to my first football game," Saxon said, dropping the "normal" façade.

Cas looked surprised. "So you... don't either?" he was unsure of his wording.

"Nope!" Saxon confirmed.

"But, Stacy?" Cas was confused.

"Stacy is my best friend. Between you and me, she's liked John for a few months now, and I'm waiting for them to go out," Saxon explained.

Cas looked around Saxon. He noticed the way Stacy toyed with her hair, her giggle, the eyelash flutters.

"How 'bout that," Cas said.

"Mhmm. No offense but he's kind of a jerk," Saxon told him.

Cas rolled his eyes. "No. Jerk doesn't even cover it. He's been trying to get me to go out with the same girl from Girl's High for 3 months now. Even after I've told him I'm too busy with school, and every other excuse possible. He's beginning to question me now."

Saxon thought a bit. "You need a solid reason as to why you can't." Saxon had an idea but he knew it would never work.

"Any ideas, because at this point I'll take anything to get him off my back about it," Cas sighed.

Saxon opened his mouth, then closed it again.

"what?" Cas asked.

"Nothing. Just a crazy idea," Saxon quickly said.

Cas smirked a little. "I like crazy."

Saxon turned to look at Cas. They locked eyes for a few minutes, unable to tear away. Both under a spell cast by the color of their eyes.

"You have really nice eyes," Saxon blurted, caught in a trance. He blushed deep red upon realizing what he had said.

Cas smiled. "So do you."

"You, uh, you wanna go walk around a bit?" Saxon asked, beginning to need air, even though they were already outside.

"Sure," Casriel said, standing up.

"We'll be back," Saxon told Stacy, and stood to leave with Cas.

"Ok," Stacy said, watching them walk down the bleachers.

"I worry about him," John told Stacy.

"Who?" Stacy asked, looking back at Cas and Saxon.

"Casriel. He's never had a girlfriend, and now he's running off with Saxon," John said, disgust plain in his voice.

Stacy glared at him. "You got a problem with Sax?" she growled.

John's eyes opened in alarm and surprise. "No! No! He seems like a cool guy. I just wonder about him too."

"Quit worrying," Stacy spat. "Saxon is my best friend and if you have a problem with him you can leave."

John nodded and changed the subject.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"So," Saxon began, leading Cas around the soccer field next to the stadium. "You like a little crazy?"

Casriel laughed. "Yeah, I guess I do."

"What else do you like?" Saxon inquired.

"Hmm... someone who isn't afraid like I am," Cas told him truthfully.

"What would happen? If your parents ever found out?" Saxon asked, worried.

"They'd disown me, probably," Cas said, sadness evident in his tone.

"Why would someone do that to their own child?" Saxon asked, almost angry.

"Religion," Cas offered.

Saxon just shook his head, disgusted.

"So, what do you like?" Cas said, smiling and changing the subject.

Saxon smiled. "I like someone who can appreciate my humor. I also like someone as unique as me."

"Oh?" Cas asked playfully.

"Yeah. You might know him. Little shorted then me, brown hair, and these eyes... these amazing eyes," Saxon confessed.

Casriel sucked in a breath, not really expecting such bluntness.

Saxon stopped walking. "Too soon?" he asked.

"No, no, I'm just... new to this," he explained.

"I can... stop if you,"

"No! no no don't!" Cas interrupted. "it's... it's ok."

Saxon smirked. "Alright."

They continued to walk around the darkened soccer field, talking about their lives and family and friends.

"So you don't have any friends at Roman besides John and his pack of... animals?" Saxon asked.

"Nope. It's sad I know. Johns mom and my mom are best friends so they assumed we would be too," Cas told him.

Saxon shook his head. "What are you going to do about that girl?"

Cas stopped walking, and leaned on the metal goal net. "I don't know."

Saxon stepped forward, so he was directly in front of Cas, and said, "I could help?"

Cas looked up into those shiny silver eyes that glimmered like stars in the night sky. "How could... oh! mmff!"

Saxon cut him off with a quick kiss on the lips. It only lasted a few seconds, until Saxon realized what he had done.

"I'm sorry," Saxon whispered after he pulled away.

Casriel looked disappointed. "why are you sorry?"

Saxon got very shy and started to ramble. "because I didn't ask you and you were talking and I was just. mmff!"

Casriel shut him up with a kiss that lasted a little longer then the last.

"Now we're even," he said.

Saxon grinned. "So what happens now?"

Casriel shrugged. "I don't know."

"Do you want to go out sometime." Saxon began, unsure of where to head this. "Or rather, would you want to be my boyfriend?"

Cas smiled, "I'd love too."

Saxon grinned ear to ear. "good! good! great!"

Cas laughed lightly. "When will I see you after this?"

"The next game? It's going to end up being a tie. We'll have to have a rematch," Saxon said.

"When will that be?" Cas asked.

"Not sure."

"Can I see you before then?" Cas asked.

"yeah! where do you live?" Saxon asked, pulling out a pen from his pocket.

Cas told him as Saxon wrote on his arm.

Saxon wrote his own address on Cas's arm somewhere concealed.

"Does your house have a phone?" Cas asked.

"Yeah hang on," Saxon said, adding that to the address.

Cas smiled. "I will call you tomorrow!"

"I'll wait by the phone," Saxon said, giving him a wink.

Saxon and Casriel locked eyes again. there was something magical about every time their eyes met. Saxon leaned in, once again in a trance, and kissed Cas. It was deeper and much longer then the last two.

"Are you sure you've never done this before?" Saxon asked, clearly turned on.

"I'm sure," Casriel smirked, pulling him in for another.

They stayed like that for a few minutes. The final whistle blew in the stadium.

"Rematch against Roman Catholic High, next week at 6!" the announcer said.

Saxon didn't want to stop, but he had to. Casriel's eyes were a little more black then before. His pupils were clearly dilated. Casriel sighed at the loss of warmth on his mouth.

"We should probably head back," Saxon whispered.

"Ok," Cas said, following Saxon.

Saxon grabbed Cas's hand and held on to it, until he spotted John and his animal pack. Stacy was hanging off his arm, laughing at something he said.

Saxon leaned into whisper something in Cas's ear. "Told you so."

Cas rolled his eyes, and looked at Saxon. Saxon winked back at him.

"So! What'd we miss?" Saxon asked, nodding to Stacy and John.

"Should we ask the same?" John asked, mockingly.

Saxon's jaw set, into angry face. Cas looked terrified.

"You wanna say something John?" Saxon asked, pulling out his scary voice. "Or should I tell Stacy about that time I saw you go behind the bleachers with a towel and Sports Illustrated?"

A few of the pack snickered. Stacy turned to John with surprise. Cas chocked back a laugh.

"Shut up, Port. Don't you remember," John began, stepping toward Cas.

Saxon stepped between them. "Hey. Hey. This is between you and me. Leave him out of it."

"I'll leave him out of it, when you leave him alone," John spat.

"Excuse me?!" Saxon said loudly, catching the attention of some people walking by.

"John leave him," Stacy began.

"Shut up, Stacy!" John cut her off, and turned toward Saxon again.

"You wanna go?" John asked, trying to be tough.

Saxon sighed, and grabbed John's wrist, turning his arm around behind him, painfully. "No. I want you to leave Cas alone. He's done nothing but put up with your sorry ass for 12 years. Stacy deserves someone better then you, but for some reason she likes you. Don't make me come after you."

John was on his knees, at this point, almost crying at the pain in his arm and shoulder. "Alright, ok, let me go!"

Saxon let him go, and backed away.

Stacy glared at both of them. Cas looked at Saxon with admiration.

Johns pack didn't know what to do.

"Come on guys, lets get out of here," John said, pulling Stacy in for a goodbye kiss.

Saxon rolled his eyes with disgust.

John and his pack left, leaving Stacy glaring at Saxon, and Casriel still looking at Saxon like he was a hero.

"You didn't have to go all "Son of a Soldier" on him, Sax," Stacy said, breaking her angry silence.

"Stace, he was threatening me!" Saxon said. "He brought Cas into it."

Stacy sighed, realizing she had no right to be mad at Saxon. "Ok. Fair enough. You guys need a ride home?"

"Yeah. My mom took my car," Saxon sighed.

"Casriel?" she asked.

"Yeah, if you don't mind. it doesn't look like johns gunna talk to me," Cas said, upset.

Stacy rubbed his back comfortingly. "It'll be ok."

Cas gave her a small smile. Saxon came up beside him, and took his hand again. They followed Stacy out of the stadium and too her car.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

They dropped Cas off first, being the furthest away.

"So," she began.

"So?" Saxon echoed.

"He likes you," she told her best friend, as a matter-of-factly.

"I know," Saxon told her, smirking.

Stacy's jaw dropped, and she smacked him on the arm.

"Oh my god!!" She exclaimed. "What's happening now?!"

"I asked him to be my boyfriend and he said yes," Saxon said, as though it were no big deal.

Stacy looked at him, mouth agape.

"What?" Saxon asked.

"You're just already cool with the fact that you're dating Casriel fucking Port and he's your first boyfriend?!" she exclaimed.

"Yeah," Saxon said, leaning back and closing his eyes.

"BULLSHIT!" She screamed, slapping him on the knee.

Saxon opened his eyes and grinned. "I'm dying on the inside you have no idea Stace."

Stacy smiled, "that's better. Are you going to tell them?"

"Who? Mom and dad?" Saxon asked.

Stacy nodded.

"Yeah, might as well. it'll make them happy knowing their only son is happy." Saxon told her.

"Good!" Stacy said, pulling into his driveway. "See ya later lover boy!"

Saxon flipped her off as she pulled away laughing.

"Mom! Dad! I'm home!" Saxon said, entering his house.

"SAXOPHONE!!!!" Saxon's older sister, Katie yelled upon hearing her little brothers voice.

She ran down the stairs and hugged the air out of him. "How's my baby brother doing???" she asked.

"Why are you home?" Saxon gasped.

"No hello?" she pouted.

"hi. why are you home?" Saxon pressed.

"Visiting for the weekend," she told him.

"Saxon we're in here," his mother called from the kitchen.

"What's this?" Katie asked, grabbing her brothers arm, and reading it. "Casriel Port? Gabriel's younger brother? Why is his number and address on your arm?"
Saxon smirked, and walked away.

"MOM!!" Katie yelled.

"Katlyn! we are right here don't shout." Her mother said, rounding the corner.

"Saxon's got a boyfriend!!" she whispered.

"Really?!" their mom asked, whipping around to Saxon sneaking away with a chocolate cookie.

Saxon looked up at her with wide eyes. "Yeah?"

"AWWW MY BABY BOY!!" Mrs. Alexander screamed and hugged her son.

"Mom! Mom! STOP! I need air!" Saxon gasped, trying to get away.

"Who's having a baby?" Mr. Alexander asked, coming into the kitchen, snatching a peanut butter cookie.

"No one. Saxon has a boyfriend," Katie told him.

"Oh! Congratulations, soldier!" his dad said, clapping him on the back. "What's his name?"

"Casriel," Saxon said with a mouthful of cookie.

Mr. & Mrs. Alexander exchanged worried glances.

"Casriel Port?"

Saxon nodded, swallowing the last of his cookie.

"Isn't his family a big catholic family?" Katie asked.

"Yeah but he's not," Saxon said.

"we need to have him over for dinner," Mrs. Alexander burst out.

"mom! we just started dating! we aren't getting married!!" Saxon exclaimed.

"you should. fuck some shit up," Katie said, approvingly.

"Katie, language." her mother warned. "I still want to meet him!"

"You will. Soon," Saxon said.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

The next two times Saxon and Casriel "hung out" where at Saxon's house. Since Casriel didn't drive, and the buses didn't go from his end of town to the other without having to get on another bus, Casriel's mother brought him and picked him up.

"It's nice that you have Friends outside of school," she commented.

"It is," Casriel agreed.

"You should have him over next time. You always go over there," Mrs. Port suggested.

Casriel had a mini panic attack. They had agreed on Cas coming to Saxons house because his parents accepted him and Saxon. Casriel's parents were so far against the idea of it that they would disown Cas. Could he act platonic around Saxon?

"I'll ask," Casriel told his mother.

"Good!" she smiled. "Maybe we can get him to go to church with you."

Casriel rolled his eyes. 'That'll be the day.' he thought.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"Your mom what?" Saxon asked.

Casriel called him the next day to tell him what his mother asked of him.

"She wants you to come over. She also wants me to convince you to go to church with us," Casriel told his boyfriend.

Saxon laughed for a few minutes. "I would love to come over, but church?"

" i know."

"is your mother really that oblivious?" Saxon asked.

"She still thinks Ellen Degeneras is straight," Casriel sighed.

There was a crash at the other end of the phone.

"Babe?" Cas asked, worried.

When he heard Saxons laughter he knew that sax was ok and he was laughing his ass off.

"I'm sorry," Saxon said, coming back.

"It's ok. it's funny," Cas accepted.

"good lord," Saxon sighed. "I'd love to come over though."

"Can we really act platonic?" Cas asked.

"Oh I can. I can act, but can you?" Saxon challenged.

"Excuse me!" Casriel shrieked. "I can out act anyone."

Saxon's smirk could be heard trough the phone. "then lets see what you got."

Saxon came over that Saturday.

"Hey!" Casriel greeted, opening the door. it was weird not being able to at least hug Saxon.

"Hi." Saxon said, looking around.

"Here come in, I'll give u a tour," Cas said, leading toward the kitchen.

"Hello," a feminine voice greeted.

"Mom, this is Saxon Alexander. Saxon this is my mom,"Casriel explained.

"Nice to meet you," Saxon said.

"You're father is a solider isn't he?" Mrs.Port asked.

"He was in the navy," Saxon explained.

"That's good! It's honorable to serve your country and god," she said, and turned back to her book of devotions.

"Here I'll show you the basement. It's cool," Cas said, leading him out of the kitchen.

As soon as they were in the basement and out of Mrs. Port's hearing range, Saxon burst into laughter.

"What?" Cas asked, confused.

"It's an honorable thing to serve your country and god," Saxon mocked.

Casriel laughed. "She's insane."

"I can tell," Saxon said, leaning against a support pole.

"What?" Casriel asked after a few minutes of Saxon staring at him.

"Nothing," Saxon began. "I just wonder how I'm so lucky. I took a risk and now here we are."

Casriel had a blank look on his face.


Casriel's smile was blinding as he surged forward and kissed Saxon with enough force to knock his head against the pole behind him. The sound echoed throughout the house.

"Cas you ok?" Gabriel asked, running down the steps.

Cas quickly tore away from Saxon and backed up. Saxon was so confused, he looked dazed.

"Yeah. Saxon hit his head on the pole," Casriel explained when his brother reached the bottom of the stairs.

Gabriel narrowed his eyes at the pair. Casriel nerverously shifted from foot to foot, as Saxon just looked at him, confused.

"And how did that happen?" Gabriel asked pointedly, still glaring.

"I walked into it," Saxon spoke up, erasing his face and putting up another mask. "I'm klutzy."

Gabriel shook his head. "I don't know where u find your friends. John's a tool and now this ones half blind. Dinner's ready, by the way."

Gabriel was still shaking his head as he walked up the stairs.

Casriel let out a deep sigh when the door closed.

"That was close," he voice was barely a whisper.

Saxon just stared at his boyfriend. "That was..."

Cas looked at him, to finish his thought.

"I'm speechless," Saxon said after a few seconds.

Cas smiled, shyly. "Thanks. We should probably head back up."

"Yeah. Your brother is suspicious enough," Saxon said, following Cas up the stairs.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"So, Saxon," Mr. Port began. "Do you play football?"

"No," Saxon answered, taking a seat next to Cas. "I'm in the band."

"Oh!" Mrs. Port exclaimed. "What instrument?"

"The saxophone," Saxon answered with a crooked grin.

"You're kidding me, right?" Cas asked, surprised.

"Nope!" Saxon grinned. "My sister calls me Saxophone because my name and the instrument. it's kinda my school nickname actually."

"And which school?" Mr. Port asked.

"Roxborough," Saxon told him.

"You guys are a good team," Gabriel spoke up. I know when I was there you always beat us."

"Yeah. We are awesome," Saxon agreed.

"Do you like professional football?" Mr. Port asked.

"Love it," Saxon told him. "The Eagles are my team, and the Cowboys are my enemy."

Mr. Port laughed. "My kind of man!"

"Shall we say grace?" Mrs. Port asked.

Saxon sat quietly with his head bowed, while the family said a prayer. Mr. Port was glaring at him the whole time.

"Does your family go to church, Saxon," he asked.

"Just for Christmas and Easter. When my dad was deployed, my mom was running around the city dropping me at band, my sister at her friends or doing chores on the weekend," Saxon answered truthfully.

Mr. Port nodded, and ate his food in silence.

The rest of the dinner went by quickly with Mrs. Port asking questions about Roxborough and the band. Casriel was worried about his dads silence.

After Saxon had left, Mr. Port pulled Casriel aside to talk to him.

"You can't hang out with Saxon anymore," he said.

Casriel saw his world shatter before his eyes. "What?! Why?"

"He's not a devote catholic," his dad told him.

"So! neither are your friends from work but you still talk to them!" Casriel yelled.

"Only when I need to. You're not hanging out again, and that's final," Mr. Port said, sternly.

Casriel glared at his father with hate and fire, and stormed off.

Gabriel came and stood next to his dad. "Good call," he said.

"Why?" his dad asked, concerned.

"I didn't like the look of him," Gabriel whispered.

"Oh!" Mr. Port said. "It was a good call then."

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"You're dad what?!" Saxon screamed.

"He said we can't hang out because you don't go to church," Casriel told him.

"Because I'm totally unholy," Saxon mocked. "Hold on, babe, I'm going to go worship satan."

Casriel laughed. "I know it's stupid."

"You should sneak over here one day," Saxon said, flopping down on his bed.

"They are all going to Gabriel's college game tomorrow night. I'm not going because I need to study for a test," he told Saxon.

"What kind of test?" Saxon asked, toying with the telephone cord.

"History. I know history like the back of my hand, and my parents know that but they still want me to study," Casriel told him.

"Come over then. When are they leaving, I'll come get you," Saxon told him.

"They're leaving while I'm at school."

"Ok. We have a day off tomorrow so I'll swing by around 2," Saxon said.

"That works!" Casriel said excitedly. "This is fun!"

Saxon grinned. "You haven't seen fun yet."

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

Fun turned out to be 30 minutes of making out on Saxon's bed. They didn't even hear his mother come home, or his father. When the doorbell rang, they ignored it and continued there "fun".

If they were listening -and they should have been- they would've heard Stacy and John come up the stairs. They only heard them when the door opened.

Stacy was smiling like crazy, while John looked like he was going to kill something, or someone.

"Shit! Stacy! Knock!" Saxon screamed.

"Didn't know you weren't alone," she simply said.

Casriel tried to burry himself into Saxon's bed.

John just glared at them and turned on his heels to march out of the room.

Saxon new this couldn't be good. "John! Wait! Stop!" Saxon jumped off of Casriel, ran past Stacy and jumped down the stairs after John.

"Save it, faggot i don't wanna hear what you have to say," John spat, opening the door.

Saxon put his palm on the door and slammed it shut. "I should kick your ass and leave you on the street for what you just said to me."

"Then do it! Let's go!" John yelled.

Saxon was more then done with John's shit. He punched him right in the nose. John hung his head down to let the blood drip. Saxon kicked him in the balls and John went down.

Saxon shoved him away from the door, opened it, and shoved John back out.

"John, I swear to god, if you even do ANYTHING to hurt Cas or Stacy, I'm coming after you, and you won't be seeing your next birthday," Saxon warned, as he slammed the door shut.

Saxon ran back to his room, ignoring his mothers look.

"Babe you ok?" Saxon asked, racing into the room.

Stacy was sitting next to Cas, an arm wrapped around him, trying to get him to calm down.

"He's gunna tell dad," Cas whispered. He looked so small, Saxon wanted to pick him up and cuddle him.

"No he won't," Stacy said, standing up. "I'm going to stop him." She ran out of the room.

Saxon came over, and wrapped himself around Cas. "It'll be ok." He kissed the top of his head, as silent tears stained his shirt.

Stacy's quick footsteps ran back up the stairs. "He's gone."

Saxon's face drained of all color. "Shit." He quickly stood up.

"Sax," Casriel called. "Don't leave me."

Saxon came back over, and knelt in front of Casriel. "I wouldn't dream of it, baby. It's you and I against the world."

Cas laughed lightly and smiled.

"I'm going to fix this," Saxon said, standing back up. Stacy come with me. Mom's going to come up."

"I'd rather go down in the kitchen, if that's ok?" Casriel told him.

"That's fine," Saxon said, and led the parade down the stairs.

"Mom I have a request," Saxon said, jaw set, palms flat on the counter.

"Want us to drive you to Cas's in case John drove there to tell?" she asked reading his mind.

"No, it's useless because they aren't home," Saxon said.

"No, by this time they probably are," Casriel spoke up.

Saxon hit his head on the counter, "Shit. Mom, i want you to leave ten minutes after we do."

"Ok honey. Dad and I?" she asked.

"Yes. I'm going to go stop John," Saxon stormed off, Stacy and Casriel in the tow.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"John, you little shit!" Saxon screamed as he ran into the Port household.

"Get out!" Mr. Port demanded upon seeing Saxon.

"Don't make me come after you either," Saxon spat.

John looked terrified seeing Saxon burst in the door. He ran out the back door of the house and into the woods.

"Mother," Saxon muttered under his breath and took off after him.

"SAXON STOP!" Stacy yelled, chasing him.

Casriel stood in the middle of his kitchen and look at his dad. A sudden bolt of courage surged through him.

"Hi," he said, with an evil grin.

"Who do you think you are?" Mr. Port questioned.

"Last time i checked? Your son. Your own flesh and blood, father," Cas spat the last word, like poison in his mouth.

Mr. Port slapped Casriel across the face. Mrs. Port sat in the corner of the living room, crying.

"Go pack your things," Mr. Port demanded.

Casriel's color drained. "What?"

"GO PACK YOUR THINGS!" Mr. Port screamed at the top of his lungs.

Mrs. Port wailed louder, and Casriel ran to his room.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"Saxon?" Stacy called, looking for her friend.

Saxon walked out of the bushes, covered in blood, carrying John.

Stacy's jaw dropped, and she covered her mouth. "Oh my god."

"I'm not even sorry," Saxon muttered, tossing John's unconsious body on the ground.

"Won't someone find him?" She asked.

Saxon looked around. "Out here? This isn't the city anymore. We're on the edge of Bucks county. No one's coming after him, out here. When he wakes up he'll be confused and hopefully die out here."

Stacy let one tear roll down her face.

"Stace," Saxon began. "You deserved better."

"We were coming to tell you it's official. I didn't even know Cas was..." she trailed off. "I'm so sorry."

Saxon pulled Stacy in for a hug. "It's ok, Stace. You didn't know."

"If i'd never... This would've never happened," She sobbed.

"Let's go check on Cas. It's going to be fine," Saxon assured her.

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

"What kind of parent throws their child out like this?!" Mr. Alexander screamed at Mr. Port.

"The kind who doesn't want the work of satan in their house!" Mr. Port screamed back.

"Satan?! So he likes other boys! Is that really the work of Satan?!" Mr. Alexander yelled.

"The Bible says,"


"Get out," Mr. Alexander commanded.

Casriel, tear tracks staining his face, came down the stairs. The entire contents of his bedroom in 3 large boxes.

"Cas, come on," Mr. Alexander said. "You can stay with us for the night."

Mrs. Port came over and handed Casriel his Bible from the bookcase. She kissed his head, and blessed him with a latan prayer. Probably an exorcism.

Casriel laid the book on the counter by the door, and followed Mr. Alexander out of the house. He looked back at his parents, and glared at them. Without another word, he left. Mrs. Port wailed again.

"Where's Saxon and Stacy?" Mrs. Alexander asked.

"Here," Stacy said, coming from around the house.

"Oh my god," Mrs. Alexander gasped.

"Don't worry," Saxon began. "He's not dead."

"I'm not going to ask, and i didnt' see anything," Mr. Alexander said, climbing in the driver seat of his car.

Saxon walked over to Casriel and hugged him tightly. "I'm so sorry, babe."

"It's ok, Sax," Cas told him.

"All of your things are in the car, Cas," Mr. Alexander said.

"Ok, thank you," Casriel said, nodding his head.

"We'll all come back to the house. You three can spend the night in the living room until we figure something out." Mrs. Alexander said.

"Thank you," Stacy and Casriel said in unison.

"I'm going to take them home," Saxon said. "Meet you there."

~~~~~~~~~~~Chemical V~~~~~~~~~~~

The next morning, Mrs. Alexander and Mr. Alexander, and Stacy's parents were gathered around the kitchen table.

"Good morning, everyone," Mrs. Alexander greeted.

"What's going on?'" Stacy yawned.

Casriel leaned sleeply on Saxon, who leaned on Stacy.

"We're trying to figure out what to do," Stacy's mom said.

"We don't have an extra room, and I'm sorry, but Saxon and Cas aren't sharing a room," Mr. Alexander said.

Saxon's sleepy, sly smile was all anyone needed to understand what Mr. Alexnader meant.

"So we thought, Casriel could live with us until you guys go to college," Stacy's dad spoke up.

"I'm cool with that," Stacy yawned again.

"Is that ok, Cas?" Mrs. Alexander asked.

"Yeah," Cas said. "You're all such nice people. Thank you so much."

"Oh honey," Stacy's mom said, coming over to stand in front of Cas. "I'm just doing what I feel is right. What your parents did wasn't right." She gave him a hug.

Cas returned the hug, and smiled.

"Also," Mrs. Alexander said. "We've called both Roxborough and Roman. After explaining what happened, Roman no longer wants Casriel attending their "holy facilities", but Roxborough is more then happy to accept another student. Mr. and Mrs. Port have also given up the right to be Casriel's parents. Stacy's parents have applied for addoption. We called a lawyer for the case, and it looks like it'll be in our favor."

Stacy turned to Casriel and hugged him. "I get a brother!"

Casriel smiled and hugged her back. "I get a sister!"

All of the parents smiled, and Saxon too.

"You guys have the weekend to get Casriel setteled into his new home, but the principal wants to see all three of you in his office on Monday morning," Stacy's dad told them.

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Lethal Angel

Splendid story I like it can't wait for more ~( •___• )~

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